If you have visited the 'submit to us' page and read that we ask for a short introduction on who you are, (including your name, age, location, and what you do) please do not be alarmed!

We ask for this information so that you can be fairly credited for your work within the publication and on the website.

HOWEVER, if your work is selected for an upcoming publication and you do not want this information to be shared, we will respect your anonymity. Your safety is important to us, and we do not wish to put you in a compromising position. We want talented writers and artists to reach larger audiences, without fearing for their safety.

You have the option to remain anonymous within the publication, and if you wish to do so make sure you let us know. If you are in no danger, however, we would love to get your name out there!


On the 'submit to us' and 'terms and conditions' pages, we have stated that we will only accept submissions from people aged 18 or over.

This is for your safety, as much as ours.

To publish the works of anyone under the age of 18, we might need to seek permission from a parent or guardian. However, we are aware that not everyone is in a situation where they are freely able to ask for this without putting themselves at risk.

We do not want anyone putting themselves in harms way, so until further notice we are unable to accept submissions from anyone under 18. As per the terms and conditions, we trust that by submitting your work to Across & Through, you are agreeing that you are over 18.


All photography on this site is currently copyrighted to

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