Adrian James - a 22 year old artist and photographer, who studied photography at college and now has a Bachelor’s degree in the same field. He loves to mix art styles and connect photography with art to create fine art pieces.


Angela Simpson - a writer and artist of various talents residing in Skelmersdale, Lancashire.


Charlie Logan - a 21 year old queer, trans masculine individual who resides between Manchester (where he attends university) and Lancaster (where he lives with his wonderful partner). He is currently a third year English Literature and Creative Writing student, however his passion lies within journalism and creative non fiction. He currently writes for a couple of magazines/blogs, and focusses the majority of his work on queer voices and narratives.


Eric Satore - an Archaeology student from Padua, an artist, and an aspiring writer of fantasy books.


Jack Steiner - a writer, poet, artist, photographer, musician and stylist from Bristol, he is passionate about making the invisible visible and speaking out both personal and political “blunt truths". After a long period of illness and social isolation, Jack began painting in Winter 2016.

Josslyn Turner - a writer, poet, and artist based in Modesto, CA. She is an English Major at Modesto Junior College and her publishing credits include The Celebration of the Humanities at MJC and South 85 Journal.


Kade Alexander - an aspiring writer and journalist from Twin Cities, Minnesota, who is currently working on his first novel.


Kaitlyn Stone - 22 years old and pursuing her bachelors in English with a Creative Writing minor. She realised she was trans when she was 15, and finally came out when she was 21. She has been living full-time as a woman for a little over a year.


Kelli Baron - a trans woman from the US, with a Master’s degree in Social and Political Philosophy. She has said that she has been fortunate to live an interesting and full life, populated with amazing people and interesting experiences; and although she doesn’t think of herself as a writer, she likes to tell stories.


Robin Nelson - currently a student of creative writing who specialises in fiction, and is from Runcorn.


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