Across & Through is a literary magazine which publishes high-quality writing and art created by individuals whom are transgender or gender variantWe accept many forms of creativity, such as: fiction, creative non fiction, poetry, photography, and art.

The magazine was founded in January 2018, by a writer/editor seeking to diversify the literary landscape and demonstrate that ones gender identity should not determine the way in which their creative work is received (by both readers and publishing bodies alike).


We aim to give individual creators the opportunity to reach varied audiences and increase their visibility, by providing a space which is free from the fear of discrimination. 


We believe that everyone with determination and talent deserves the opportunity to share their work, and we strive to make that happen. If you are interested in being considered for the next issue, please visit the 'submissions' pages and read all relevant information. 

To find out who we have published so far, visit 'contributors' -- without these amazingly talented individuals we would not have a magazine to share with you!

We aim to publish the works of writers, artists, and photographers whose talents may be less visible than others due to discrimination within the publishing world - or the fear of it.

  We hope our contributors will be judged by said talent, rather than their gender identities.

  We are not trying to separate the talents/abilities of writers/artists whom are transgender from those whom are not by suggesting they are different - we aim to bring more diversity to the literary landscape by publishing their work.

  We would like to show that discrimination against writers, artists, and photographers due to gender identity is unfounded.


  We want to create a space where writers and artists will not be afraid to share their work.

  We strive to show that writers/artists whom are transgender are more than "transgender writers/artists". Contributors are extremely talented individuals regardless of gender.

Email: submit@acrossandthrough.co.uk

All photography on this site is currently copyrighted to wix.com

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